cleoniceras ammonite
cleoniceras ammonite

Cleoniceras Ammonite Split, single

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Item:  Cleoniceras Ammonite
Age: Cretaceous (110 myo)
Size:  4 x 4.5""
Location: Madagascar
Notes:  I flipped out when I first saw this guy! SO cool, SO different, SO unique. The coloration pattern reminds me of Tiger's Eye and I've never seen a chamber half open/half closed like these are. The pictures don't do it justice... it's a BEAUTY! Ammonites were predators that resembled a squid with a shell. These cephalopods had eyes, tentacles, and spiral shells. They are more closely related to a living octopus, though the shells resemble that of a nautilus.
More Info:  Cleoniceras