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Iridescent Ammonite on Fossilized Seed Fern Plate

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Item: Cleoniceras Ammonite on Alethopteris Fern
Age: Cretaceous (110 myo); Pennsylvanian (250-300 myo)
Size:  13 x 5.5"
Location: Madagascar; Pennsylvania
Notes:  This piece of modern natural history art showcases a good sized and highly iridescent Cleoniceras ammonite from Madagascar mounted on a striking plate of Alethopteris fossil fern fronds from Pennsylvania. The large distinct ferns have been replaced with the mineral Pyrophyllite, which gives the fossil its stunning white color and have great detail that contrasts beautifully with the black matrix plate while complementing the ammonite. This can be displayed both vertically or horizontally and could easily be hung as well. Organic, textural, unique, eye catching... the perfect way to bring natural history into your decor. 
More Info:  .Cleoniceras  Alethopteris