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Fossil-Rich Lazy Susan

Regular price $139.00

Item: Lazy Susan made from Orthoceras Stone
Age: Devonian (400 myo)
Size: 11.25" D
Location: Morocco

Fabulous presentation of the fossil rich limestone from Morocco with two highly-detailed dominant orthoceras cutting through the top of this lazy susan, surrounded by fossilized remains of ammonites and goniatites. The base is made of the same stone and also finished off with a high polish.

It is perfectly sized for use as charcuterie board! Also works great on a small kitchen or dining table (4 -6 seats) for table top condiments, in the bathroom to organize countertop lotions, potions, and perfumes, or in the kitchen for quick reach cooking spices. Sure to become a treasured present suitable for many celebrations, including wedding gifts or housewarming!

More Info:  Orthoceras