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"Aurora Borealis" Labradorite

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Item: Labradorite
Size: 6x4"
Location: Madagascar
Notes:  I haven't been fortunate enough (yet) to witness the kaleidoscope of the Northern Lights, but I imagine if it could be captured in a physical state, this must be it. In fact, Inuit legend has it that long ago the Lights were trapped inside the rocks of Labrador, and when one warrior finally tried to free the light with his spear, the strength of the rocks was such that this beautiful spectrum of light was crystallized inside them forever more. It's hard not to believe in the presence of this beauty.
Self standing and polished on both sides. 
Metaphysical Info: Labradorite is one of the most beloved stones and for good reason. It is a protector stone, it protects and balances your aura from attack, blocking external negative energy as well as internal negative talk. Often seen as an aid to stress relief for this reason, labradorite is a wonderfully powerful stone to have around the house, in the office, or even wear as jewelry. Many people carry a small piece of labradorite on their person at all times!