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Metaphysical Information

Many people like to learn about the metaphysical properties associated with certain stones. Some enjoy stones for their colors or textures or shapes. Others enjoy the overall aesthetic that stones can bring to a decorative environment. And then there are those of us who enjoy all aspects of stones! Here is a partial list of the meanings typically associated with some of the stones found throughout this site- enjoy!

(Not to be taken as medical advice or intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. For educational purposes only. Seek a doctor’s opinion for medical advice.)

Amazonite- Links the heart and throat chakras, opens flow of energy, aids ability to speak your highest truth. The “peacemaker stone”, often found combined with black tourmaline or smoky quartz, provides intense self-transformative vibrations while keeping spiritual energies grounded (in touch w/ reality). 

Amethyst- Healing; purifying; increase willpower; sleep aid; fight addictions

Azurite- The “Stone of Heaven”, helps open the celestial gateway to aid communication with spirit guides or to receive messages

Black Tourmaline-Blocks negative energy, keeps you grounded; works well with selenite

Blue Onyx(Lemurian Calcite)- brings happiness and peace; activates the Throat Chakra to promote clear and peaceful communication; resonates with the Heart Chakra for deep emotional healing

Bumblebee Jasper- Stimulates the sacral and solar plexus chakras and helps raise self-esteem and enhance creativity. Helps to ease stress and worry associated with other's opinions of you. Don’t worry - BEE happy!

Carnelian- Fire energy; strength; sexual confidence; stability; vitality; endurance; fertility

Celestite- Lullaby for the soul. Calm, relaxing energy aids in mental decompression. Important crystal ally for stress reduction and anxiety concerns - and one of the best for sleep aid!

Chevron (Dream) Amethyst- Pain reliever; higher chakra work to boost self-esteem, enhance insight, and encourage self-discovery

Citrine- Enhance joy, wonder, curiosity, optimism, happiness, creativity

Dalmatian Jasper- Playfulness, encourages lightheartedness

Firework Obsidian- Protects your heart from negative energy and energy vampires! Helps recovery from past hurts, to overcome fear and find the courage to live fully

Fluorite- Energy stabilizer, increases focus and concentration for greater understanding

Grape Agate- Calming, tranquil stone. Promotes peaceful contemplation and reflection

Green Aventurine- Stone of opportunity, declutters your energy field and promotes growth- be it spiritual, romantic, or financial

Hematite- Enhance concentration, focus; protection; transforms negative energy into positive action

Howlite- Calming, stone of mindfulness, patience, awareness, and inward growth

Labradorite- Stress and anxiety release. Calming; meditative; inspiring

Lapis Lazuli- Revered by cultures and religions for centuries, lapis connects with your Third Eye and promotes self-discovery and connection. “Holding the universe in your hand”, you realize all knowledge is already inside you

Lepidolite- mood stabilizing; nurturing, calming; enhances peaceful sleep (natural lithium source)

Malachite- "Stone of transformation" helps reveal and heal emotional pain by absorbing the pain into itself. Especially helpful in bringing ease during times of transition or change. 

Moss Agate-Tranquility, emotional balance; connection to nature; calms inner anger

Ocean Jasper- The soothing power from both Water and Earth. A stone of strength, relaxation, and renewal at a slow, steady frequency and a deep circular energy that embodies the interconnectedness of all things

Obsidian- Strong shield of protection to ward off negative energy

Opalite- Youthful optimism and playfulness; peace; purity; self assurance

Pink Amethyst- Clarity, calmness, and comfort during times of grief, sadness, and stress; promotes love and acceptance

Polychrome Jasper- Grounding stone; calming, encouraging

Pyrite- Strong masculine energy as a protector stone, providing a sense of safety. Cleans out sacral and solar plexus chakras and frees space for you to rejoin and reconnect with life!

Red Jasper- Grounding, patience, stability, sufficiency. Physical strength, stamina (particularly sexual energy) 

Rhodonite- The “Relationship Rescue Stone'' of the Heart Chakra. The gentle power encourages forgiveness and compassion while releasing fear, allowing true reconnection without holding baggage.

Rose Quartz- Encourage unconditional love, joy, trust; emotional healing (for self or within relationship)

Sardonyx- Stone of strength and protection since ancient times; associated with courage, happiness and clear communication. It encourages lasting happiness and stability in marriage and partnerships.

Selenite- Cleanses and charges other crystals; unblocks chakras; removes negative energy

Shangaan Amethyst- Rare.Sacred.Powerful. These naturally formed elestial scepters are master healers with incredible feminine energy and highly prized as medicine by the Shangaan tribe in Zimbabwe. 

Smokey Quartz- Activates the root chakra to help ease depression;  brings emotional balance to your spirit. Smokey helps you to release negative energies and rejuvenate your soul.

Snowflake Obsidian- Root chakra+Third Eye; important during chaotic times- it grounds and protects you while opening your third eye to receive ancient knowledge from past lives and behavior (strengthens intuition)

Sodalite-Brings order and calmness to mind; helps panic attacks; speak from the heart

Tiger’s Eye- Increase motivation; lessen fear or anxiety, improves decisiveness

Texas Llanite- Combination stone- aids in effective group work, viewing situations from a higher perspective.

Unakite- Supports healthy habits, releasing emotional patterns

Quartz- Master Healer; amplify energy; aid concentration/memory