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British Ammonite in Nodule (+/-)

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This is a very nice nodule with presentation of both the "positive" and "negative" sides of the classic ammonite genus, which has been found on every continent in the world. Especially nice specimens can be found in Germany and the UK. Whitby has become almost synonymous with ammonites. Legend has it that in 657 St. Hilda (614-680 A.D.), in an attempt to rid the town of snakes, cast a spell that turned every snake—icons of evil in Christian mythology—into stone and decapitated them in the process. Their headless corpses littered the bluffs below the monastery. It is understandable then, that these ammonites are commonly called "Snakestones" in the local area.

Item: Dactylioceras

Age: Jurassic (180 myo)

Size:  3.5-4"

Location: Whitby, UK

More Info:  Dactylioceras