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Coprolite- Fossil Poop

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Smell free!! Let's just pause here and appreciate all the possible uses for coprolite.  Paperweight, over the hill gift, stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, Easter bunny droppings, retirement gift, this list is limited only by your imagination and sense of humor.  Not only a fundamental part of any fossil collection, but a great conversation piece and cute gag gift too! Coprolite is indeed fossilized poop- these trace fossil specimens were found in Madagascar and the specific culprit is unknown, though most likely dropped from a turtle or other reptile. 


These pictures are representative samples. Your actual fossil will be similar in appearance, quality, and size. Includes protective display case and information card.

  • Name: Coprolite
  • Size range: ~ 3 inches
  • Age: Cretaceous (66-145 million years old)
  • Locality: Madagascar