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Ethereal Jasper

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I adore this piece; the light flowing energy of grace felt throughout this silky smooth stone with velvety silver flash which plays across its surface when moved about in the light. Its color ranges from a dark slate grey to lighter shades of grey Moonstone is a grounding stone and I truly feel it with this piece. Just admiring it for a few minutes really helps bring everything into focus. Love the high polish and it is gorgeous from all angles.

Item:  Moonstone Jasper

Size: 7 x 10" H

Location of Origin: Madagascar

Metaphysical Info: Black Moonstone Jasper holds the energy of balance, uniting the energies of the masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang. All jasper is wonderfully grounding and can help pull one's scattered energies in to work where they are most needed but black moonstone specifically embodies the feminine energy, new life, new beginnings and offers both protection and grounding.