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Fossil Fish Wall Mural; Vertical Ash

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A truly one-of-a-kind piece! Green River Formation at its finest! This slab was pulled from what is known as the “Ash Layer”, as ancient volcanic ash clouds dropped thin layers of ash into the calm lake waters and now give the limestone matrix, containing beautifully preserved examples of four different species of fish, along with a partial palm frond, such a distinctive color variation some 50 million years later. There is an energy that radiates from this piece, the ebb and flow of a prehistoric scene captured so beautifully by the master preparer. Would be a striking addition for either a residential or corporate setting. This vertical wall hanging is stabilized, backed, and ready to hang using an included French cleat system. Item is packaged in custom made wooden crate suitable for shipping and comes with lifetime guarantee and certificate of authenticity. Personal delivery available within the greater Houston area.

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Name: Fossil Fish Wall Mural
Species present: top left, Cockerellites; upper right, Diplomystus; lower left, Knightia; lower right, Phareodus; bottom right, Palm frond
Size: 27 x 55”
Age: Eocene (50 million years old)
Locality: Green River Formation, WY USA
Specimens set into matrix