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Double Turritella Cluster on Matrix

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These gastropod clusters of doubles and triples make a beautiful decor addition, perfect for a beach or lake-front house! The specimen is about 23,000,000 to 5,000,000 years old and has been expertly prepped through some relatively soft sandstone matrix to expose the amazing fossilized remains of these ancient creatures. Each sculpture showcases two or three distinct prominent Turritella shells, many with several other partial gastropod and bivalve shells spread throughout. This delicate looking fossil has been detailed with a very artistic, sculpted quality. This unique fossil stands on its own and is a lovely display and will enhance any fossil collection.

Item: Turritella 
Age: Early Miocene (16-20 myo)
Size:  2.5 - 3.5"
Location: France
Notes:  Fossil snail shell (marine gastropod) with tightly coiled shell in an elongated conical shape. Picture is representative sample. All specimens will have 2 fossils.
More Info:  Turitella